Everything You Need to Know About the Oppo F19


The Oppo F19 is without a doubt the easiest model of the F series of smartphones – the entry level to F19 ownership. At an entry price of just Rs 18,980, the Oppo F19 puts itself right in the ultra competitive sub Rs 20,000 dollar price segment. Phones from some major players in this cost range all have a signature feature of their own to differentiate themselves from the others. These features are built into the very core of every smartphone these days.

All leading smartphones have quick charging support, but the Oppo F19 has added a further feather to its cap by offering fast charge support as well. It can be charged up to 50% faster than its predecessors. The Oppo F19 also features a stunning camera with wide angle lens and super clear auto focus, which makes it perfect for capturing high quality images and videos. The phone’s advanced dual screen feature allows you to take a video or a still shot while your smartphone remains locked on the lock screen mode. oppo f19

With its large battery and high capacity battery, the Oppo F19 can be used multiple times before recharging gets low. This is extremely beneficial for frequent travellers who can leave their phones in different locations throughout the day and still keep track of their business, personal and entertainment needs. While the camera on this smartphone has limited memory and slow auto focus, it has got the impressive OBPMA support which ensures that your pictures come out as clear as possible. The OBPMA stands for on the spot photo play compatibility, which means that the pictures you take with the Oppo F19 will come out perfect as always.

With the ability to take high quality pictures and videos even at a slow shutter speed, the Oppo F19 makes an excellent choice for capturing moments and events. In fact, this handset boasts of two cameras, namely, a 16 megapixel rear shooter and a 8.2 megapixel front camera. While the rear camera may be compared to a normal point-and-shoot camera because of its shallow depth of field, the front camera has got an impressively fast shutter speed of just 12 seconds. This makes it perfect for taking action shots and video clips. The battery, on the other hand, lasts for more than nine hours.

The Oppo F19 also features an array of exciting features including an intuitive user interface, high pixel resolution, high-speed mobile data transmission, high-definition video recording, and a number of advanced photograph and video features. Apart from these, the Oppo F19 also offers an impressive collection of wallpapers and text colours, which gives it a vibrant appearance and makes it very attractive to use. This handset runs on the Windows CE operating system and supports Windows Mobile 7. Users can download the Oppo F19 ROM from the Oppo downloading site – available from any major global search engine – and enjoy the unique advantages this handsets offer.

The Oppo F19’s most impressive advantage over many other modern smart phones is that it features a fully functional notification centre, which offers users an integrated mechanism to keep up to date with all the important information. This feature allows you to view your email, text messages, calendar appointments, and so forth directly on the screen of your phone, while allowing you to manage them easily using a dedicated pad. Apart from the notification centre, the Oppo F19 also features a built-in keyboard, complete with large keypad, touch sensitive functions and a complete physical home button. With all these facilities, it is no wonder that the Oppo F19 pro is being considered as one of the best devices in the entire world for smartphone users.

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