There is no doubt that Oppo A15 is one of the best anti spyware protection application available in the market today. It was introduced in the market with the intention of catching the attention of users all over the world who are looking for an affordable solution to get rid of spyware. However, the question that arises is whether it is effective or not in terms of detecting and removing spyware from your system.

If you want to know whether the OPPO A15 is effective against spyware then the best answer would be in the form of comparing it to other leading anti spyware applications such as AVG anti virus and HiJack. These three applications were introduced by companies namely AVG Technologies, Norton and Mcafee and although they have performed well so far, their prices have made them unsellable. On the other hand, OPPO A15 cost almost half the price of these top antivirus programs. Let us find out why it is cost effective.

The cost of OPPO A15 is just a fraction of what other antivirus software cost which is around $300. This shows that the company really cares about the quality of its product which is evident from the A/S test result where it scored a perfect score. It also has the unique feature of allowing the user to preview the scan results and provide the user with the option of downloading the complete report if the user finds them suitable. Another interesting feature that the company has integrated into the A/S preview is the ability to compare between versions and to run the same scan on the a variety of operating systems.

One feature that is unique to OPPO A15 and which makes it more attractive than the competition is the Smartscan feature which allows the user to run a manual or automated scan. It is an important feature because it speeds up the whole scanning process by removing irrelevant or false registry entries and by reducing the number of false positive files. The A/S preview feature also allows the user to view all error codes, maximum protection levels, and detailed scan results in just a few seconds giving the user the time they need to decide which version they want to install.

However, the company did not stop there because after developing the OPPO A15 the company spent another 8 hours designing the OPPO A15 Ultimate Pack. The OPPO A15 Ultimate Pack includes the A/S preview, diagnostic utilities, defragmenter and other tools essential for data recovery. Along with this the pack includes OPPO’s Super Charger which allows phones to perform better when they are being used. The OPPO A15 Ultimate Pack retails for $250.

To conclude, the OPPO A15 has some big competition in the market today. Motorola has unfortunately released the Aqaranto M4 which is actually a scaled down A15. Then there is the defending champ, Nokia which has the Elite Nokia 3005i. For those of you looking for a mobile phone at a good price who want one with most features, the OPPO A15 could be the phone for you. If you took a little bit of time to review OPPO A15 specs you may find that the company provides everything you are looking for in an aftermarket mobile phone.

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